Diversity and Inclusion

Are you looking for a game-changer in Diversity and Inclusion?

A PokerDivas program can help promote inclusivity and help your team understand each other, bond as a group, and have fun at the same time!

Has anything like this ever happened to you or one of your co-workers?

  • A female employee is invited out for a networking event with male colleagues where big deals will be made. It’s at a cigar bar. She doesn’t smoke.
  • A  new hire from another country joins a team where everyone else has been working together for years. The boss organizes a dinner to celebrate landing a new client; the new hire discovers that they weren’t invited.
  • A company HR director loves the outdoors and plans an Outward Bound excursion for the team. One of the team members has a heart condition and can’t do strenuous activity but is afraid to say no and miss out on a day of “mandatory” bonding.

At a PokerDivas program, all people are invited to a seat at the table.

Participants will experience their co-workers in a new way. Old perceptions will be challenged. Anyone can prove themselves, and everyone has an equal chance to come out on top.

Poker Divas sp

Poker Divas Diversity and Inclusion

Poker Divas sp

Poker will help your team to:

  • Create a culture where everyone is encouraged to participate
  • Gain insights into each other’s personalities and motivations
  • Look beyond politics, position, culture, and educational level
  • Shift their perceptions of each other and reduce unconscious bias
  • Bond, discover what they have in common, and have fun!

Our programs are not only effective but also fun!

Effective diversity and inclusion initiatives are PROVEN to be important to the success of a business.  In order to be engaged, employees need to feel that a diversity program is something being done for them rather than to them.

Avoid this scenario!

Poker Divas sp

Poker Divas Diversity and Inclusion

Poker Divas sp

Build diversity and inclusion activities that people WANT to attend!

Poker Divas Diversity and Inclusion

How It Works

Most people who attend a PokerDivas program have never played the game before. You’ll learn how what makes you good in poker makes you good in business, and have fun learning the game via our special teaching technique. Programs are structured to offer opportunities for everyone to network and engage in friendly competition.

Plan Your Program With Us NOW

Let PokerDivas plan a program for your next corporate event, employee affinity group outing, conference, or partners meeting. Our programs are designed by a Cornell-certified Diversity and Inclusion expert to make your teams stronger while ensuring everyone has a great time! Whether it’s 30 or 300 people, we can handle it.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can create the ideal diversity and inclusion program for your needs.

Please note that this not a gambling program; it is for entertainment and educational purposes only.