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Ellen Leikind, Founder of POKERprimaDIVAS™ featured writer on women’s issues in business and author of “Poker Woman: How To Win at Love, Life, and Business Using the Principles of Poker,” is available for speaking engagements. She engages the audience on topics including:

  • Why men play to win and women play not to lose,
  • The best way to read other people so you can get what you want
  • How to manage a bully in the boardroom
  • The best way to be bold and assertive.
  • Learning to negotiate based upon the four personality types.

Her discussion uses poker analogies as a metaphor for business and life.

Poker Divas Ellen Leikind

About Ellen Leikind: After 15 years as a successful marketing executive in Corporate America, ELLEN LEIKIND took a hiatus from the Fortune 500. She rediscovered poker, a game she had learned as a teenager. The more she played, the more she saw how poker and business mirrored one another.

Ms. Leikind founded POKERprimaDIVAS,, a company that provides corporate teambuilding and women’s initiative programs to teach executives how to play poker and use principles acquired at the poker table to enhance their business leadership and selling skills. Poker encourages initiative and assertiveness and rewards calculated risk-taking. The psychological aspect of poker is as important as the technicalities of the game. In many ways, you play the people as much as you play the cards.

Ms. Leikind saw how women were being excluded from this new networking activity and wanted to give them a forum to get into the game. Poker had become the new golf and for women to be in the game, they had to be at the poker tables as a player, not just an observer. The more she played poker, the more she saw the similarities between the card game and the larger “game” of business and personal fulfillment. That inspired her to write her first book, POKERWOMAN- How to Win at Love, Life and Business using the Principles of Poker.

Ms. Leikind is a senior marketing executive having worked at companies including Pfizer and L’Oreal and also as an Executive Consultant for the Direct Response infomercial industry. She is currently VP Managing Director of EDL Marketing and Branding Consultancy specializing in executing Consumer Product product launches. Ms. Leikind has an MBA in marketing from Fordham University in New York and is a native New Yorker and avid dog lover.

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