The ROI on Women’s Initiative Programs


We hope you are having a great summer! It’s been a busy one for PokerDivas. We’ve had the opportunity to travel and meet some amazing women all around the globe.Things heated up in Savannah at the National Sales meeting of a great publishing company, rev-ed-up in New York with the global marketing team at a beauty giant, cooled off in Iceland for some much needed brainstorming and relaxation and then topped off with a visit to San Francisco for a CLE Attorney and Client Business Development program. We could go on but you get the idea.

Since everyone we meet knows the importance of investing in their career we wanted to share a recent Bloomberg Law article titled, “Evaluating Return on Women’s Initiatives at Law Firms”. The authors, talk about the challenge of being asked to quantify investing in women’s programs. Clearly ROI matters but “ROI is not strictly measurable in dollars and cents… think retention, firm culture, and the ability to attract clients who want a firm whose values align with theirs”. We could not agree more. Investing in women’s initiatives is good for any business in any industry. We see it first hand all the time.
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In our travels, we had the opportunity to meet Kate Ward. She runs a company called InHerSight which helps employers hire bright, talented women to advance their business. Kate says “Think of us as Glassdoor meets for women.” Women rate the female friendliness of their employers on fourteen metrics and get matched to companies that fit their needs. Employers can showcase their brand and advertise jobs for free. Kate played at a company networking poker event even though she had no experience. “It was a way to spend time with my coworkers and a side benefit was the brainstorming that happened by bringing people from different parts of the organization together.” Congratulations to Kate for being bold and taking her rightful seat at the table.

We hope that you have a great end of summer and look forward to seeing you at the table soon.

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