How Will You Make 2017 a Winning Year?

Poker Divas Winning 2017

We know you have probably reached your limit on “How to” advice in 2016 but we would like to offer a taste of the top ways Poker Divas can help you achieve your 2017 business goals.

We’ve had the opportunity to work with many amazing women and men in 2016 and we are thankful for the friendships and relationships we have formed. We wish you all the best for the new year and hope to see you at the table in 2017.

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Dentons Forum We were excited to be a part of Dentons Forum for In-House Counsel co-hosted by Kara Baysinger, Dentons partner and co-author of “Courageous Counsel”, a book about the rise and growing clout of women general counsel at Fortune 500 companies (more about the book here). Experience the action at the table below.Poker Divas animated5 Poker Skills

  1. ACT ASSERTIVELY AND STRATEGICALLY. Figure out what you want, develop a game plan to get you there, and CHARGE AHEAD. Learn to be focused on your goals and fearless in your pursuit.
  2. READ NON-VERBAL CUES. Pay attention to non-verbal cues or ‘tells’, the actions and mannerisms that help you get a read on a competitor. Over 80% of what people “say” has nothing to do with their words.
  3. PERFECT YOUR POKER FACE. A pair of sunglasses may help you at the poker table, but at the board room table you need to learn to keep your cool no matter how the cards fall. Practice keeping your emotions off your face.
  4. RECOVER QUICKLY FROM A LOSS. Not every hand is a winner. It is possible to do everything right and still lose. Going on ’tilt’, or being overly emotional about your loss, will hurt your ability to move on to the next opportunity. Don’t let your emotions undermine your intelligence. There’s always another hand.
  5. PLAY TO WIN INSTEAD OF PLAYING NOT TO LOSE. Some people play to protect what they have while others go ‘all-in’, risking their stack to win the whole pot. Don’t be afraid to project the bravado and confidence to get what you want and deserve.

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