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POKERprimaDIVAS™ aka PokerDivas , is dedicated to teaching professional women (and men)  how to play poker to enhance their business and life skills and become fearless. Poker is the new golf and Women need to get into the game and take their rightful seat at the table.

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POKER skills and strategy will help you:

  • Negotiate your way into or out-of anything
  • Increase your power and confidence
  • Read and interpret non-verbal cues
  • Become more bold and assertive
  • Manage risk and recover from loss unemotionally
  • Manage a Bully

If you are looking to have a unique Corporate Team Building event, Women’s Diversity Program, good face time and entertainment for your clients, or an interactive Sales Meeting you have come to the right place. It’s not about gambling, it’s about networking, learning to be bold, maximizing the hand you are dealt, playing your best game and having fun.

poker-divas-ellen-leikind-2The principles of poker will help you in every aspect of your life. Improve your business skills, challenge your mind , grow your network, improve your social life and have a great time doing it. You’ll be a better negotiator, more confident in your decisions, and learn to take risk when you should.

Ellen Leikind an accomplished corporate executive, who has been involved in poker for many years, in conjunction with a team of seasoned tournament poker players, has designed an interactive method for teaching poker which is fast, easy to understand, and easy to master quickly. Even if you have never played before you can learn and start playing quickly. You will see almost immediately how poker helps your business deals and practices and adds excitement to your life. We guarantee it.

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