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Tired of uninspiring workshop choices for your event? Get your guests off their phones and in the game with a PokerDivas program!

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An interactive experiential program

PokerDivas offers:

  • An interactive keynote by Ellen Leikind on such topics as: playing to win as opposed to avoid losing; using the four poker personality types to devise a winning business strategy; and how to be bold, take action, and get what you deserve. Check out Ellen’s keynote engagement at last year’s Women in Residential Construction conference for a sample program.
  • A hands-on workshop (including keynote) that allows guests to participate in the game while they learn new business skills and strategies.

We can create a custom event that fits the needs of your conference, workshop, or association meeting. PokerDivas offers a unique program that will attract sponsors or can be used as a popular value-added upsell, as we did for the Women Leaders in Life Sciences Law conference.

Conference attendees and association members are looking for new, creative solutions to their business challenges that they haven’t found inside the office. They also want to network with new people and gain different perspectives. A PokerDivas program gives guests a fun way to get the most out of their conference networking, and offers takeaways they can use when they return to the office.

Keynote topics include:

  • Playing to win as opposed to avoid losing: learning to be a bolder leader
  • Taking control of how you’re perceived at the conference table: creating the table image you desire
  • Learning the four poker personality types and how to use them to devise a winning strategy at work and in life
  • The gender dynamic: how women and men play differently at the poker table and at the conference table
  • How to be bold, take action, and get what you deserve
  • Beyond diversity: bringing the inclusivity of the poker table into corporate culture
  • Handling a bully in the boardroom

Visit Ellen’s speaker page for more information about her.

Become bold and decisive

Created by keynote speaker Ellen Leikind, PokerDivas is dedicated to helping professionals become bold and decisive at the conference table through skills they acquire at the poker table. We can provide an interactive, engaging workshop that shows people how to:

Build relationships and have a great time!

Be better leaders & build stronger teams

Learn to read other people

Become better negotiators


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Poker is open to everyone and can be learned by anyone

Poker is an inclusive game that everyone can play and anyone can learn. It doesn’t matter how fit you are, what you do, or where you are from. It’s perfect for clients, lawyers, accountants, financial service and tech professionals, salespeople, marketing executives, newly-formed teams, interns, and anybody who wants to win in business. Bringing teams together through PokerDivas builds camaraderie in an educational and entertaining environment.

Most of the people who come to our programs have never played before

We teach them how poker skills can improve their business skills and show them how to play. In no time they’re playing and winning, gaining valuable insights as they network and build lasting relationships.

Reserve a date for your event NOW!

Groups range from 40 to 300 people. Let us customize a program based on your objectives and timeframe. Contact us now at (646) 450-1905 or at to discuss how we can put together an entertaining and memorable program for you. Note that these are not gambling programs and are for entertainment and educational purposes only.


A comment on our conferences and workshops:

"I had a chance to see Ellen give a keynote speech. Of all the conference presentations I've ever attended this was by far the most unique. I learned so many valuable lessons in negotiating and business strategy and had a blast!"
Anya Chrisanthon
MVP of Sales, Keller Williams Women in Residential Construction Attendee