Summer Associate and Intern Programs: Building Business Skills Through Playing Poker

If you want your Summer Associates to build their confidence, gain leadership skills and develop tough negotiating skills, then bring them to the poker table.

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At a POKERprimaDIVAS event, your Summer Associates or Interns will learn assertiveness, leadership, and negotiating skills through the fun and excitement of poker. It’s not about gambling — it’s about learning to be bold and sharpening business skills in a fun and interactive environment.  POKERprimaDIVAS dynamic team-building programs will teach your team to play to win. Poker is a great equalizer and encourages networking between all levels of the organization.

Learning and playing poker wiill help Summer Associates and Interns:

  • Immediately increase confidence and assertiveness
  • Read and interpret non-verbal cues
  • Manage a bully at work
  • Negotiate like a winner
  • Learn valuable business skills while having a great time with their colleagues

POKERprimaDIVAS sessions are fun and memorable.

Learn more or reserve a date for your summer event now! Your Summer Associates or Interns will love it.

Program for education and entertainment. this is NOT a gambling program.