Welcome to The PokerDivas Live Virtual Program

Want to learn, play and connect with your colleagues? Join us for some friendly competition.

If You’re Zoomed and Webinared out we understand.

That’s why we have created the PokerDivas Live Virtual Event. We miss being live like you do so we have created the experience you know and love which will make you feel like you are live at the table.

This is NOT a webinar. It’s an interactive program where you’ll learn a lot about yourself, and a lot about other people too. Get ready to be interactive and excited and engage in this new PokerDivas experience.

There is nothing else like it.

The program can be customized for...

Team Building


Initiative Programs

Business Development
Events for Clients

Summer Associate
and Intern Programs

Sales Meetings and
Incentive Programs

CLE Programs

Excite your guests with our Swag Box before the event

Interactive Teambuilding
and Leadership Content

Interactive Guided
Breakout Rooms

All Access interactive Poker Play

Play anywhere in the world. No Zoom or download required!

*This program is for education and entertainment only. This is not a gambling event.

Poker will help your team to...

Create a culture where everyone is encouraged to participate

Gain insights into each other’s personalities and motivations

Look beyond politics, position, culture, and educational level

Shift their perceptions of each other and reduce unconscious bias

Bond, discover what they have in common, and have fun!

Our programs are not only effective, they’re fun!

At a PokerDivas program, all people are invited to a seat at the table.

Participants will experience their co-workers in a new way. Old perceptions will be challenged. Anyone can prove themselves, and everyone has an equal chance to come out on top.

Effective diversity and inclusion initiatives are PROVEN to be important to the success of a business. In order to be engaged, employees need to feel that a diversity program is something being done for them rather than to them.