Do Women Play Poker Differently Than Men?



Poker has gained popularity in the recent times, even said to be the new golf. It has incorporated players of both genders. Although poker has been said to be a men’s game, there are quite a handful of women players. This causes some to wonder, “Do women play poker differently than men?”

Poker players as a whole bear multiple different styles of playing. On average, the ratio of men to women playing poker is 8:1. This shows a dominant swing towards male players, yet it doesn’t necessarily mean that male players are always better than female players.

Why Do Women Play Poker Differently?

When it comes to poker, men believe that women poker players are weak. They apply a tight and passive poker strategy when they play against women. It’s true that not all women grasp a hold of poker, but this holds true for men as well.

Whether it’s a tight style or a loose style of playing, a lot of men poker players acquire a particular style of playing and get comfortable with it. When women analyze the game and gain experience, she can use her read on male players and use it to her advantage. In the reverse scenario, men would have a harder time reading female players.

One thing we need to acknowledge is that even if the male to female ratio is 8:1, the world is not devoid of women poker players. When women execute the right strategy, they have great potential to beat their male counterparts in poker. The bottom line is that although their playing strategies are different, the favor is to women, which explains why a large number of women have excelled in playing poker.

Have confidence and learn the game of poker. Eventually you will earn the respect of your male opponents if you consistently play a tough game. High limit poker is tough, but with determination and resilience, any disciplined woman can play a good game in poker.


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