POKERprimaDIVAS® gives women a significant edge in business and in life by teaching assertiveness, leadership, and negotiating skills through the fun and excitement of poker.

PokerDivas creates dynamic client entertainment and team-building programs that will transform relationships and teach you to play to win. Learning to play poker and understanding the strategies will help you size-up others, better understand yourself, become more comfortable taking risks, and handle a bully.


It is not about gambling, it is about learning to be bold and sharpening business skills in a fun and interactive environment.

PokerDivas teaches professional women strategic poker techniques that enhance their business and leadership skills, build strong team dynamics, and make them a confident negotiator. Poker is the new golf and women need to “lean in” at the table and play to win. Learn valuable Team Building Skills or host a corporate poker event in NYC – or in YOUR city!


Corporate Team Building for Women



  • Negotiate your way into or out-of anything
  • Increase your power and confidence
  • Read and interpret non-verbal cues
  • Become more bold and assertive
  • Manage risk and recover from loss
  • Escape out of your comfort zone
  • Gain new clients for your company
  • Deal with a bully at work

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PokerDivas in action on CNBC’s “On the Money”

Poker Divas sp

Poker Divas sp

It is an exciting way to get an edge in business–win at the conference table by learning at the poker table. Looking for a unique Corporate Team Building event, Women’s Empowerment, Diversity Program or entertainment for clients? You’re at the right place. It’s not about gambling–it’s about networking, making bold moves, playing your best game and having fun!


Poker Divas sp

If you want your team to gain an edge, build their confidence, and develop tough negotiating skills, then get them to the poker table. PokerDivas is the new alternative to dull, mainstream corporate team building NYC. Learn poker and absorb key business skills in an engaging environment that offers clients, staff, and executives an experience they will never forget.

WSOP One Drop Finalist David Einhorn and Founder Ellen Leikind

Poker isn’t just a card game – it’s a metaphor for life. Poker Woman: How to Win in Love, Life, and Business Using the Principles of Poker is not a “how to play” book. It is a new approach to getting what you want in life by applying winning poker strategies.

Join us for the exciting, new PokerDivas Exclusive Networking Poker Club. You’ll experience Networking at a whole new level.
Learn or improve your game. Expand your network. Have a great time. Convenient Midtown East location.