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Join us for the exciting, Virtual PokerDivas Exclusive Networking Poker Club!

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Learn the game and play with members of an amazing community. Join now and take advantage of our special offer.
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Poker Divas - Membership

Two virtual supervised poker games per month  

Game instruction 

Live Q&A Sessions so you can improve your game and confidence

The PokerDivas “CheatSheet” game playbook 


Special offer. Limited time only.

Pick the plan that’s right for you!
The Straight
$ 197/yr ($499) save $302
  • One virtual game per month
  • Game tutorial
  • Live Q&A session
All in
$ 997/yr ($2400) save $1,403
(Ideal for Corporate Clients)
  • Unlimited games
  • Game tutorial
  • Live Q&A session
  • The PokerDivas "Cheat Sheet" game playbook​
  • Quarterly members only tournament​
  • 12 guests passes ($600 value)
  • A personal poker assessment call with PokerDivas staff
full house
$ 347/yr ($975) save $628
  • Two virtual games per month
  • Game tutorial
  • The PokerDivas "Cheat Sheet" game playbook
  • Quarterly members only tournament
  • 1 guest pass
All-In Monthly Subscription
$ 97/ month
  • Unlimited games
  • Game tutorial​
  • Live Q&A session​
  • The PokerDivas "Cheat Sheet" game playbook​​
  • Quarterly members only tournament​​
  • 12 guests passes ($600 value)​
  • A personal poker assessment call with PokerDivas staff​
Guest Pass
$ 27 ($49) save $22
  • Want to bring a friend or a client?

– Meet new people, develop your business, have a great time. 
– Instruction and lessons for all level of play 
– Our “All-In” membership level is great for client entertainment.
-We will match you with players at your level of skill. Beginner or Intermediate
– Corporate membership is available. All are welcome.

Looking forward to seeing you at the virtual table!

Everyone is Welcome

For educational and entertainment purposes only. This is not a gambling event.

2023 Game Dates

April 3rd 2023

April 17th

May 3rd

May 16th

Jan 5th

June 14th

June 27th

July 11th

July 20th

Aug 8th

Aug 22nd

Sept 6th

Sept 18th

Oct 4th

Oct 23rd

Nov 6th

Nov 21st

Dec 5th

Dec 20th

Jan 9th 2024

*Times for the above events will be from 6:45-8.15 EST. Dates subject to change. 

Networking skills

Poker can teach and sharpen your networking skills, among what you will do is:

Get off your phone and enjoy yourself

Grow your professional network

Improve negotiation skills

Gain facetime with clients

Expand your business

Make new friends

5% of Proceeds Will Go to Charity

to support women in business
who couldn’t use some good karma, right?

Bring Friends, Colleagues and Clients…

…or come on your own! We do all the planning. Just show up and be ready to have a great time. It’s a great way to network, hone your skills or make new friends!