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Win Big in Business Using Poker Strategies

What We Do

NYC-based PokerDivas helps people develop leadership and negotiation skills through the fun and excitement of poker.

Our global corporate team building, diversity and inclusion, client entertainment, and women’s initiative programs are not just fun and interactive; they help people build relationships with their colleagues and learn the art of playing to win.

Every time you size up a competitor or negotiate a deal, you are using the same skills fundamental to poker.
Understanding how poker and business connect will help you:

Gain insights into personalities & motivations

Take bold, calculated risks

Improve negotiation skills

Manage a bully

Build relationships & have a great time!


Unique and interactive programs for teams, clients, and associations.


Corporate Team Building

Gain a competitive edge and build lasting relationships.
Poker Divas - event

Women's and Diversity Programs

Promote inclusivity and leadership and help team members bond and understand each other.


Business Development For Clients

Impress your clients and cultivate new ones.


Associations, Conferences, and Events

Add excitement to sales and partner meetings, CLE programs, and other events.

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Keynote Speaking

Meet Ellen Leikind. An entrepreneur, corporate innovator, published author, and creator of PokerDivas.

"Ellen left everyone feeling excited, even those on their phones looked up and were engaged. People come away with confidence, valuable takeaways, and a better understanding of how to negotiate in challenging business situations"
Laurel C., Entrepreneur
"I had no idea poker was so much like life. Ellen showed me how to be bold and take the actions that I really need to focus on to get the career that I want."
Erin D., Corporate Attorney

Poker club

Join us for the exciting, new PokerDivas Exclusive Networking Poker Club!


"The PokerDivas program is a unique experience that promotes interaction in a fun, virtual setting. The entire session is remarkably innovative with an enjoyable, unforgettable lesson about how to read people and negotiate in business using the principles of poker. We look forward to doing this again."
Dynasty Financial Partners
"This is something I would do again and again. It was the best team building we have done. It engaged everyone regardless of their skill level. It’s fun and competitive. A must-do for all teams."
Angela Hwang
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
Give us a Call 646 450 1905 to learn more or read more about our interactive programs here.


Helping professionals become bold and decisive

Did you know that you’ve been playing poker your whole life even if you’ve never played a hand of cards? It’s not about gambling, it’s about building confidence, learning to read people, becoming a better negotiator, and being assertive and bold.
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