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Ellen Leikind

Ellen Leikind is an entrepreneur, corporate innovator, published author, and creator of PokerDivas. Her mission: to show how you can win in life and business using the strategies of poker even if you have never played the game.

A senior marketing executive who launched over a billion dollars in health and beauty products, Ellen was intrigued when poker began to rival golf as a form of corporate networking and she saw the strong parallels among the strategies of poker, business, and life itself.

In 2006, Ellen founded PokerDivas, a company that provides corporate teambuilding, leadership and diversity programs. Ellen is the author of POKERWOMAN: How to Win at Love, Life, and Business using the Principles of Poker. She has written on gender issues in business for Parade.com and has been featured on CNBC, Forbes,com, Newsday, and Success magazine.

Ms. Leikind has worked at several Fortune 500 companies including Pfizer and L’Oreal; and was an Executive Consultant for the Direct Response infomercial industry. She has an MBA in marketing from Fordham University, a certificate from Cornell University in Diversity and Inclusion and is a native New Yorker and avid dog lover.

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