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At a PokerDivas program, all people are invited to a seat at the table

POKERprimaDIVAS™,​ aka PokerDivas, is dedicated to helping professional women (and men) become bold and decisive at the conference table through the skills they acquire at the poker table.

Did you know that you’ve been playing poker your whole life even if you’ve never played a hand of cards? It’s not about gambling, it’s about building confidence, learning to read people, becoming a better negotiator, and being assertive and bold.

Poker is a win-win for everyone.

Poker Divas - POKERprimaDIVAS event

Discover the inspiration behind PokerDivas!

As a teenager, Ellen Leikind’s mom taught her how to play poker; she was always fascinated by the game, and knew that there was more to it than just a simple diversion. As an adult she became a Fortune 500 executive, successfully launching over a billion dollars in health and beauty products in her career. After 15 years playing the corporate game, Ellen took a one-year hiatus and returned to the pastime she’d loved as a teenager, playing Texas Hold ‘Em poker. She realized that the lessons learned from the poker table could easily translate to professional and personal success. She founded PokerDivas out of a desire to help women increase their networking options and enhance their business skills. The company has since expanded to include people of all genders.

Ellen is also available for keynote speaking engagements

Even if you have never played before, you will see almost immediately how poker helps your business deals, helps your team to work together more effectively, and adds excitement to your life. We guarantee it.

Note that these are not gambling programs and are for entertainment and educational purposes only.

Poker and You

Poker will help you acquire the following skills:

Poker Divas - games

Create a culture where everyone is encouraged to participate

Poker Divas - Women gets excited

Gain insights into each other’s personalities and motivations

Poker Divas - POKERprimaDIVAS event

Build relationships and have a great time!

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Improve negotiation skills

PokerDivas Programs

Selected Programs

We specialize in creating engaging and interactive experiences for:

Womens' and Diversity Programs

Client Entertainment (with a lot of face time)!

Summer Associate and Intern Programs

Corporate Teams

Sales Meetings