PokerDivas CLE Program

Learn how to be a better Negotiator using Poker Strategy!

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Looking for a CLE program that won’t put you to sleep

That’s why we created the PokerDivas CLE Negotiation Program. It’s an interactive program where you will learn negotiating and leadership skills through the fun and excitement of poker strategy. Get ready to be educated, excited, and engaged in this PokerDivas experience.

The PokerDivas CLE Program will help you:

Read & navigate different personality types

Know when to raise the stakes

Perfect your Pokerface

Build relationships & have some fun!

No Poker Experience Needed.​

This proprietary program is not about gambling. It’s about getting into the Poker Mindset – building confidence, learning to read people, becoming a better negotiator, and being assertive and bold (the bettor). PokerDivas teaches players to play to win as opposed to avoid losing.

At a PokerDivas program,

all people are invited to a seat at the table.

If You Want To Be In The Games,

You Have To Be At The Table.™

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