Poker Face: Hiding Your Emotions

Poker Divas


I wish that I had a poker face. Even before I started playing poker I wished that I had one. I never even truly understood what it was back then, but now I get it. A poker face is one that shows no emotion when inside your entire being is holding a celebration because you just got a Royal Flush. It’s one that looks the same whether your brain is screaming…woo hoo…because you just got the third queen, or you had your aces beaten by two pairs..a two and a three.

Now a poker face is not easily developed, but the girls have an edge since we have actually been working on it for years.

How many times have you been jilted by someone and in your mind you were saying to yourself, “Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Don’t cry”? That was warm up for your poker career. What about the time you were passed over for a promotion that you were sure you deserved? Poker Face. Or when you went to that really really sad movie with someone who thought you were a rock….? Poker Face.
Not showing emotion is a skill. No, it’s an art. And all those years of perfecting it will now pay off for you. Poker is, indeed, a psychological game, and by hiding your emotions, you’ll be much better off.

When I first started to play I was absolutely amazed by the extreme adrenalin rushes experienced when playing poker. The shaky hands, the thumping heart; it’s like a first date! Over and over again. I think that is what keeps bringing us back for more. Adrenalin is addictive, we all know this. So is poker. Even when it’s just an evening of fun with some friends. Add to this heart thumping thrill the idea that you can’t show it and it becomes absolutely crazy.

So how do I keep a poker face? Well, I have to admit, I don’t have much of one. And I never have. I cry at sad movies regardless of where I am. I smile and say to the hottie, “Well, in that case you must be free tonight,” and when I see a couple of aces in my hand, my heart skips a beat, a smile moves across my face and I can only hope that people think that my smile is just part of my bluff. Because, bottom line I love having Aces and I want everyone to know just how much fun I am having!

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