NYSSCPA How Poker can enhance Negotiation and Business skills with PokerDivas

Poker Divas - How-to-play-poker

This is not the usual educational event at the NYSSCPA. You are invited to put on your poker face, pour a drink, and sit down at the poker table. An expert team from Poker Prima Divas will initiate you into the secrets and strategies to play your hand well, in life as at the game table. Session covers:

Strategic Overview and Game Basics Learn the key elements of poker strategy as it relates to professional and personal development.

Poker Personality Evaluation and Negotiation Tactics You can take the poker personality quiz which explains your playing style both at the poker table and the conference table.

Texas Hold’em Fundamentals and Practice Play Practice exercises show you how playing poker can enhance business and negotiating skills, and how to manage a bully.

Tournament Play Put your chips in! This is your chance to play to win.

Everybody is a winner! You’ll walk away with a better understanding of poker and life.

This event is sponsored by the NYSSCPA Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and all are welcome. Advance registration is required. This program is for educational and entertainment purposes only. This is not a gambling program. Must be 21 or over.


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