Sales Meetings

“I got to play poker next to the CEO of Boucher & Co., and I learned I’m a much better bluffer than he is!”

Bobbi Brown, Partner

Whether you are hosting a smaller group of people or a major sales meeting for 200 guests, POKERprimaDIVAS delivers tailor-made experiences that entertain and teach your team, no matter the size. We provide a range of options from a one-time event to a “tournament” style series, depending on your needs.

Why Poker is the answer:

  • Encourages initiative and risk-taking
  • Offers practice in reading non-verbal communication
  • Physical and athletic ability are not important
  • Provides a level playing field; title/position are irrelevant
  • Good venue for mixing departments and levels
  • Combines the practical with the social

Rewards & Incentives

POKERprimaDIVAS also specializes in teaching beginners. Gaming sessions can be used for reward and incentive programs within your business to enhance job performance with a fun payoff. Let us help you plan something that your team will love…AND make you look good.

Here’s what our clients are saying:

“This is something I would do again and again. It was the best team building we have done. It engaged everyone regardless of their skill level. It’s fun and competitive. A must-do for all teams.”

Angela Hwang – Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

Sessions for educational and entertainment purposes – this is not a gambling program.

Are Events Co-Ed? 

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