Start the Year with the Top Tips on Playing to Win


The Women Who Play to Win Summit was a great success!

Thanks to all those that attended summit. The dynamic speakers had a lot to say about building businesses, getting promoted, asking for what they wanted and getting out of their comfort zones. For those that missed it, you can read their top tips on playing to win, whatever your win may be. Hope to see you at the next Summit in March and don’t forget to book your PokerDivas Virtual Teambuilding program.

Ellen Leikind – Founder and CEO of PokerDivas
“Learn to play to win as opposed to avoid losing . One is a place of power the other a place of fear.  Understand and clearly define what your win is and go for it . The prize goes to the bold.” 

Michelle Smith – CEO, Founder, Wife2CFO
“Pick one thing and be the best at it.  Streamline your time, your financial resources, and your energy.  It will not lead you astray, it will lead you to you actually.”

Courtney Spritzer – Founder and CO-CEO of Socialfly and The Entreprenista
“It is about confidence. Really believing in yourself. You are never going to take that next step if you don’t believe that you can do it. Even if you have that doubt, we all have doubts, take that step anyway. Put yourself out there. You are not going to learn or achieve anything by not trying, not taking risks, not talking to a stranger in the elevator. Continuously put yourself out there and try new things especially if you want to get to the next level in your personal or business life. You are not going to get there by doing the same things you have always done.”

Laurel Orley – CEO and  Co-Founder of Daily Crunch
“Two steps forward and one step back. It is ok if you have setbacks, just keep on going. Keep believing in yourself.”

Dara Lamb – CEO and Founder of Dara Lamb

“Remember that your clothing is messaging you all day long. You want to be in control of that message. Don’t let anyone else tell you what to wear. If you are an entrepreneur, there are a lot of ups and downs. Having a mission that you truly believe in is a real help and a real balance.”

Sofia B. Pertuz PhD – Founder and Lead DEI Strategist, Mainstream Insight, LLC

“Persistence is key. Where you start does not need to be where you end. Just because you start in one place doesn’t mean that you can’t end up elevating yourself and really taking every single opportunity along the way. Not beating yourself up when you do fail along the way or something doesn’t go as planned. Not giving up and keep trying.”

Amy D’Agostino – Founding Partner D’Agostino Law PLLC, Founder and CEO of Bella on Demand

“It is important to give yourself room to do lots of things. Set limits so you don’t burn out. Don’t ever think that you cannot do lots of things because it is possible.”

Anne Ryan – Founder & Chief Resume Officer Anne Ryan Consulting LLC

“Asking for help is not a weakness, it is a strength.”

Kim Walsh Phillips – Founder Powerful Professionals

“Uncovering the key to every positive communication. Focusing on what does that other person want. At the end of the day what do they want, what is important to them and how can what I want help them get what they want. Always lead in with what they want so they pay attention to what you say next which is what you want, and they feel more comfortable, not threatened.”

Kelly Slavitt – Former General Counsel RB, GE, ASPCA

“Find something that works for you. Maybe that path isn’t the right path for you, but you find another path that works. There is more than one way to get from point A to point B and to find happiness along the way. What it takes to play to win adjusts over time. “

Jawauna (Jo) Greene – JMillette Consulting 
“You and your future are not defined by how you begin. Your past does not define where you are going to go. Continue to always look for the next opportunity. Bet on yourself. I know what hand I am holding. I know what cards are in my deck, and I know how to play them. I know how to bluff and when to fold and walk away. Your best set of cards is you. You know what is in your own hand.”

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