Summer Associate and Intern Programs

Do you want your Summer Associates to build their confidence, gain leadership skills and develop tough negotiating skills?
Then bring them to the poker table!

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Let them experience what it’s like to get off their phones and be in the game.

At a PokerDivas program, your Summer Associates or Interns will learn assertiveness, leadership, and negotiating skills through the fun and excitement of poker. It’s not about gambling — it’s about learning to be bold and sharpening business skills in a fun and interactive environment. PokerDivas’s dynamic team-building programs will teach your team to play to win. Poker is a great equalizer and encourages networking among all levels of the organization; our sessions are fun and memorable.

Program Benefits to Summer Associates & Interns

Poker can sharpen your intern’s leadership skills.
Poker Divas - games

Take bold, calculated risks

Poker Divas - playing poker

Build relationships

Poker Divas - playing poker

Increase their power and confidence

Poker Divas - playing poker

Read non-verbal cues

Poker is open to everyone and can be learned by anyone

Poker is an inclusive game that everyone can play and anyone can learn. It doesn’t matter how fit you are, what you do, or where you are from. It’s perfect for clients, lawyers, accountants, financial service and tech professionals, salespeople, marketing executives, newly-formed teams, interns, and anybody who wants to win in business. Bringing teams together through PokerDivas builds camaraderie in an educational and entertaining environment.

Most of the people who come to our programs have never played before

We teach them how poker skills can improve their business skills and show them how to play. In no time they’re playing and winning, gaining valuable insights as they network and build lasting relationships.

Reserve a date for your event NOW!

Groups range from 40 to 300 people. Let us customize a program based on your objectives and timeframe. Contact us now at (646) 450-1905 or at to discuss how we can put together an entertaining and memorable program for you. Note that these are not gambling programs and are for entertainment and educational purposes only.