Why Women Need to Speak Up at the Doctor’s Office



What is the fear in us that prevents us from speaking up at the doctor’s office? Most women might feel intimidated by their doctors and fear judgment. They do not want to come off as being labelled a “difficult” patient. Even though they are fully aware that their decision would be different from their doctor’s, they are too afraid to discuss possible alternatives. Women need to speak up to their doctors by empowering themselves.

 Women Need to Speak Up: A Look at the New York Times

In this New York Times article, Dr. Chen describes an educated patient who was unwilling to speak up simply because of the fact that the patient feared the perception of judgment. A shared approach in decision making is something a lot of patients desire. In order to make a mutual decision, the communication barriers need to be removed. The physicians should avoid giving the patients the perception that they are “bothering the doctor.”

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