Are you ASKING for what you deserve?

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If you want some no nonsense career advice check out the E! TV series “So Cosmo”, the behind the scenes reality show following the editorial staff of Cosmopolitan magazine. We like it because Joanna Coles, Chief Content Officer of Hearst Magazines and the main player in the series, does an outstanding job providing advice to professional women.

In a recent episode Joanna promotes her talented Executive Beauty Editor, Leah Wyar, to a position with significantly more responsibility across all Hearst Publications. After Joanna informs her about the promotion and her many added responsibilities she asks her if she has any questions. Leah says no. Joanna asks her why she has not inquired about money. She replies, “I did not think I should go there” to which her boss firmly tells her that she should always go there just like men do. In fact, she tells her that is the 2nd question a man would ask.

This is not an uncommon situation for women. Are you asking for what you deserve? Are you afraid to ask because you would seem ungrateful, greedy, or unfeminine?

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