10 Mistakes to Avoid During an Interview



With the job market becoming more competitive, it can be really difficult to get an interview. Once you finally land one, the last thing you want to do is botch it and miss out on a great opportunity. Unfortunately, some people act before they think, which can lead to losing a prospective job. POKERprimaDIVAS has outlined a list of mistakes to avoid during a job interview.

What You Need to Know:

1. Know why you want the job. We know you want this job, that’s why you applied right? This isn’t enough, though. You need to be able to explain why you are a good fit for the job as well as show how you are better than the previous person interviewed.

2. Don’t answer your phone. During an interview, candidates think it is OK to answer a phone call or respond to a text. It’s not.

3. Don’t say “I didn’t really like my previous employer because…” No matter how mundane your previous job was, badmouthing your previous employer is unprofessional. It also reflects on your own characteristics as well.

4. Don’t ask too much about job benefits and perks. It doesn’t necessarily reflect well upon yourself to be asking about these benefits before you’ve even been hired by the company. Also, do not be the first one to bring up salary during the interview. It can send the wrong message that you are only interested in the money.

5. Remember to ask questions. If you were really interested about the job, you would have considered some questions you wanted to ask the interviewer.

6. Don’t lie on your resume. It’s one thing to polish up your resume a bit. It’s another thing to lie. Never pretend to know something you don’t because if you are called on a bluff, you have everything to lose. The more truthful you are on your resume, the easier you can discuss your past experiences.

7. Think about your outfit carefully. Not preparing what to wear to the interview might leave you with an unexpected surprise on the day of the interview. Your interview attire might not be in the condition you expected it to be, and chances are you will be searching through your wardrobe for a new outfit. Although you may not be interviewing to be a fashion diva, take some time into picking out your clothes.

8. Not knowing what the company does. Far too many people fail to research the company before walking into an interview. Telling the interviewer that you saw their website is only marginally better. By researching the company beforehand, you stack the deck in your favor.

9. “I’m not sure what my weaknesses are.” Be prepared to talk about your weaknesses. The best approach is probably to mention a weakness you had and how you worked towards improving on that weakness.

10. Not following up. Only a handful of people actually send a thank you note after their interview. Remember that you have a chance to leave a positive impression by thanking the interviewer for their time. Follow the note with a few points reiterating why you are the best candidate for the job.

By avoiding these interview mistakes, you will be that much closer to a new job. Just remember one thing: not every hand is a winner. Even though you don’t get the job you wanted, don’t let that one interview ruin the rest of your life. There’s will always be another interview waiting for you.


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