52 Weeks: Pam Godwin Perfects Her PokerFace Among Other Thing

Poker Divas


Pam writes all about her experience at the POKERprimaDIVA class in her blog 52 weeks.

A dark smoky room filled with men, the muffled sound of chips hitting the felt table, and silent tension hanging in the air is what one usually imagines. A brightly lit classroom filled with women, the sound of squeaky metal folding chairs, and giddy anticipation filling the room was the reality.

The World Series of Poker Tournament this definitely was not. Instead, 20 chatty women of varying ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds were seated around two big round tables which were covered with crinkly white paper tablecloths ready to learn the game of poker – No Limit Texas hold ‘em to be exact!

Check out what the novice found out about poker.


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