POKERprimaDIVAS Launches Texas Hold’em 101 Cards

Poker Divas


In the spirit of getting into the game of poker POKERprimaDIVAS is launching the first in a series of Texas Hold’em 101 playing cards. At $10, these playing cards are a sure bet as a great gift — at holidays or anytime — for your poker buddies who may want a refresher on Poker basics.

Developed for Beginners.

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Each card holds a key tip or strategy. See the Ace of spades to remind you how to avoid making the most common beginner blunder. Or check out the Poker slang words and lingo that will make even a beginner sound like a seasoned player. Each professional quality deck of cards comes with a Mini Cheat Sheet that can easily be stowed in a pocket or purse for easy reference and review. These are a great way to make a home game more interesting and learn something new every time you play.

This is an original gift and great stocking stuffer!

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