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"The PokerDivas program is a unique experience that promotes interaction in a fun, virtual setting. The entire session is remarkably innovative with an enjoyable, unforgettable lesson about how to read people and negotiate in business using the principles of poker. We look forward to doing this again."
Dynasty Financial Partners
"This is something I would do again and again. It was the best team building we have done. It engaged everyone regardless of their skill level. It’s fun and competitive. A must-do for all teams."
Angela Hwang
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
"The PokerDivas program has become an integral part of the Springboard Enterprises Bootcamp. It is a unique opportunity for our entrepreneurs to learn key business skills and has become an important part of the launch of each of our accelerator programs."
China Bay Smith
SpringBoard Enterprises
"Knowing poker is a necessity to stay competitive professionally. It is a great way to get face time with clients. Similar to golf, it allows women to be at the table with potential clients that were previously off-limits."
Denise Carkhuff
Partner, JONES DAY
"As a novice to poker, it took me some time to acclimate myself to the game and establish a rhythm, my rhythm. Ellen's insightful poker personality test helped me do just that. Not only did it show me how I am but the ways I can improve myself in life and business. Being done in a virtual setting provided even more of a challenge as now the rules you would apply in person are now behind a screen. Navigating with barriers can be difficult but the wealth of information learned yesterday is immeasurable. There was a point in the game where my emotions betrayed me. I felt excited, nervous, anxious and thought that would hinder my "poker face". I learned a valuable lesson then, to be strong and vulnerable is the strength of a woman. Thankful to have the opportunity to experience Ellen and PokerDivas.  I will apply the techniques learned from PokerDivas in all aspects of life ,as life is nothing more than a game of poker after all, and I came to play &  Win!"
Genevieve Appolon
Tools & Tiaras Inc
"PokerDivas has become an indispensable tool for our business. Prospective clients and clients alike consider it to be a creative, entertaining way to deal with the emotions of finance."
Alexandra Lebenthal
"We really wanted to help some of our female attorneys develop leadership skills. Who knew learning and playing poker would do just that"
Courtney Byrne
Associate Corporate Attorney
"I can honestly say that this is the best client event I’ve ever attended."
Stroock Women’s Affinity Event Attendee
"In poker and life i don’t dwell on my mistakes. Learn from them and realize that the more mistakes you make, the more chances you have to get better."
Gay Gaddis
Founder and CEO T3 advertising and media
"All of it was great… I’m totally loving Poker now"
Ali F
"POKERprimaDIVAS makes it so much fun to learn the game. This is something I can do on a regular basis to get great face-to-face time with my clients."
Karen Deutsch
Cosmopolitan Magazine
"Besides being great fun, this is a great team building and personality exercise. I was able to learn quite a lot about the individuals around the table in a very short time."
Kathi Kuhne
Team Leader,Pfizer Consumer Health Care
"Even the clients that have ‘done it all’ get excited when we invite them to a POKERprimaDIVAS event."
Faith Gingold
Sales Director, E-Vite
"I like poker now more than I thought I would."
Laurel K
Media Planner & POKERprimaDIVAS Tournament Champion , Mindshare
"I already see how poker has helped my negotiating skills. We cannot wait to do it again"
Kathryn Nilsson
Financial Communications Specialist
"My husband would not teach me but now I can finally be in the game."
Karen W
Mother and Entrepreneur
"Forget golf! For women, the new way to the board room is Texas Hold ‘Em. The skills you learn at the poker table–strategy, bluffing, risk evaluation and maintaining that good old poker face–make you a better executive. And did I mention that you’re having fun, too?"
Jane Bryant Quinn
Author of Making the Most of Your Money Now
"It helped me get through my divorce."
Judy B
"I have become so good at reading non-verbal cues that I know when my boss or husband is lying."
Marianne P
Real Estate Broker
"I have met a lot of men playing the game. The male to female ratio in poker is second to none."
Monica R
Financial Analyist
"I love that I did something that I never thought I would be able to do."
Stacey L
Creative Director
"The skills I learned at the table helped me find a new job."
Karen J
"Now I finally have a new hobby so much more fun than a book club"
Debbi T
"Poker is better than shopping and a lot cheaper."
Lori S
Sales Executive
"My husband gave me this book as a Christmas gift. I thought it was going to be a “cute” book. Boy was i wrong. Poker Woman is filled with easy to follow principles that every woman can apply to her everyday life. The author parallels examples from the poker table to real life situations in a way that everybody can relate to and understand. The “away from the table” examples are ones that I personally have experienced and/or witnessed at the office, at the mall, at dinner parties, at family functions, etc. This book taught me a great deal about how to better negotiate, how to change my strategy depending on who I’m playing with, and knowing when to stay in the game and when it’s simply time to get out of the game…the game of life, of course. As an added bonus, there is a very informative poker lesson at the back of the book. Poker Woman is a must read!"
Monica G
"I got this book for my Aunt who is a poker player. I was curious and opened the book with the idea of skimming it. After all, I thought, I don’t gamble and I certainly don’t play poker. As I read page after page I made a discovery. I was a “Poker Woman.” Of course I never thought of myself as one before. Just for fun I took your quiz and came out with a solid “B” and my ephiphany was that the same skills that are important in love, life and business have their parallel in poker. I do not know the first thing about the game but my whole perception of poker has changed after reading this book. I might even give playing poker a try!"
Sue T
"The wisdom of ‘Poker Woman’ transferred to areas of my life that were previously unexamined. I stopped being a ‘calling station’ and learned how to stand up for what I needed without being obnoxious or unreasonable. It’s worth reading several times. You’ll get something else out of it each time.My relationship with my husband changed for the better."
Karen Lee
"How often do you find books that promise to teach you everything there is to know about playing poker? Too often, that’s how. So, when another “how to play” book comes along, the poker world barely rears its head in acknowledgement. But, when something entirely new comes along, the entire poker world practically stands at attention. And this time, with “PokerWoman” gracing the shelves, it seems as if the whole world will be standing alongside the poker enthusiasts. You see, this book isn’t about winning at poker – it’s about winning at work, love, and life through poker."
"Like poker, life is a game, and Ellen Leikind makes that connection come to life in an informative and entertaining must-read. These are lessons to share with your girlfriends, your sisters and your daughters. Then break out that deck of cards and go all in!"
Melissa Meyers
Founder, PageDaily
"This is an entertaining and enlightening book. And dangerous. Take the title seriously: It really is written to give women an advantage in virtually every area of life, from poker to business to personal relationships. Which is the reason every male and female poker player, and non-poker player, should read it. Ellen Leikind analyzes the games of poker and life in a straight-forward manner, with many examples, to make the lessons easy to apply. The transitions can be fascinating. Take ‘Playing with Fire: Trading on Attraction,’ Read it, if only in self-defense."
Nelson Rose, Editor & Chief
Gaming Law Review