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poker-divas-quaterlyWe’ve all bragged or boasted about one thing or another. It’s human nature. But bragging has negative connotations, and many people, particularly women, are often hesitant to speak positively about their accomplishments.

A 2014 study found that professional women were significantly more likely to brag about a friend’s professional accomplishments than their own for fear of violating conceptions about their own “ladylike ” nature (Read full article). Why is it that women are so quick to champion for everyone else but themselves?

Cindy Gallop, founder of IfWeRanTheWorld notes, “Most men negotiate without taking things personally; some women do, but on the whole, women have enormous trouble doing that. So the key thing is, this is all business. It’s a business environment; this is a business conversation.

If you want to get ahead you need to be a self promoter. Brag away if you have the goods. Poker can help. Through the game, you’ll learn the important assertiveness skills necessary to help you confidently communicate your worth.



Not to brag or anything, but we’ve had the opportunity of being a part of some interactive events this Fall. We had the pleasure of working with professionals from Real Estate, Law, Media, Private Equity and we even had a gender “face-off” with a tech hedge fund. Take a look at what went on at the table.Poker DivasIt’s not too late to book a December event. A great holiday program for your team or clients. Learn the negotiation skills you need for 2017! Contact us at 646-450-1905 or via email to book your event!

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Contact us or book your event today and we will send you a complimentary copy of Poker Woman: How to Win in Love, Life and Business Using the Principles of Poker. Know a friend or business colleague who could benefit from some serious negotiating skills? Take advantage of our Referral Program. Contact us at 646-450-1905 or via email to book your event!


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POKERprimaDIVAS teaches business & life skills using the principles of poker. You will learn everything you need to know at the poker table to excel at the conference table. It’s not about gambling, it’s about making bold moves, immediately increasing confidence and assertiveness, learning to manage a bully at work, negotiating like a winner, getting more clients, and networking while having fun! We offer:

Corporate Team Building
Diversity Programs
Women’s Initiative Programs
Summer Intern and Associate Programs
Business Building Events for Current or Perspective Clients
Sales Meetings and Incentive Programs

Wondering what we’re all about? Watch the quick video to learn more about us.

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