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We recently spoke with one of our PokerDivas Alumni who is currently working with a client who is blatantly unfair to women when conducting any kind of business deal. In fact, he jokes about it. The interesting thing is that the majority of his staff is female, in significant positions and many have been at the company for over 10 years. They are aware of the fact that they are being paid less then their male counterparts. In fact, they complain about it amongst themselves, but that is pretty much as far as it goes. Many of the company’s outside vendors are male and have an amicable relationship with the company’s President.

The Marketing Team recently wanted to bring in a new vendor for a high-profile project. They selected a well respected woman in the industry that they were comfortable with but who was not personally close to the company’s President. He verbally approved the new vendor but when it came to signing the agreement and determining payment terms, he stopped in his tracks and asked that she manage the project for 75% less than he typically pays male vendors. 75%! And, he did it with a straight face.

The women on the team were embarrassed to go back and ask the female vendor to execute the project for the lower amount.

What would you have done? “Low ball” the vendor? Persuade the President to increase the offer commensurate with the male vendors? Refuse to be part of a negotiation that was clearly gender bias? Tell the female vendor the project was being put off and select a prior favorite vendor of the President? Nothing?

It is hard to believe that this goes on, but we have all seen it. It is not always an easy situation to navigate.

At the poker table there is equal pay for equal play. Unfortunately, that’s not often the case at the conference table. We would love to hear your thoughts at Next week we will let you know how the marketing team responded to this matter.

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In the interim, check out this entertaining short film featuring Kristen Bell where she mocks the gender pay gap!

Kristen Bell mocks the gender pay gap in hilarious short film

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