Say NO to Chardonnay in the Conference Room

Women’s Initiative Programs – Substance or Checking the Box?

A client e-mailed and was very frustrated. “I’m getting push back on our women’s event. They don’t want to spend the money. I had no trouble getting $600 a head for the guys client golf outing but I have to beg for a fraction of that for my women’s program funding even when I invite clients.”

How many times have you heard a variation on this conversation? Companies tout what they do to support women, but when it comes to putting bucks behind the programs, the story is often very different. “I would rather curl up in a ball and stay home watching TV shows I hate than listen to another speaker talk about work life balance while I drink mediocre wine,” said a prominent female attorney.

Women want support so they can advance their careers but they want it to be meaningful and engaging. There must be an interaction that leads to better relationships and more business opportunities. A passive strategy doesn’t work and does not motivate or challenge women to reach up and break out of their customary comfort zone.

At the risk of tooting our own horn, we need more programs like the PokerDivas Initiative. PokerDivas provides an interactive activity that not only speaks to the skills which help women succeed in business but allows them to play out in real time, how it feels to practice those skills of being assertive, reading an opponent, and managing a bully. In addition to learning the strategies of the game extending to life and business, participants walk away knowing how to play Poker. The game is an extremely prevalent business networking activity especially in the financial, legal, technology and entertainment arena, and if women can participate, they’ll have access to a network that they may have previously excluded from. 

Recently, a PokerDivas program was proposed to a New York  client, who responded that management would not approve the program because it would promote gambling. (There is no gambling at a PokerDivas event.)  Imagine my surprise when several months later at a 300-person poker charity event that very same firm spent $20,000 sponsoring two tables. The seats were all taken by men. 

It would be great to say that the focus on women’s initiatives is helping but we have a long way to go. Women need to be let into the game, and chardonnay in the conference room is not going to cut it.   

Do you have any successes or challenges with your company’s Women’s Initiative programs? Let us know your experiences at

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We guarantee you’ll see results and when you’re done playing to win, we’ll break out the Chardonnay and Whiskey.

Hope to see you at the table soon.

Women’s Initiative Programs

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For educational and entertainment purposes only this is not a gambling event.
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